Name: Dan Scanlan, Co-Founder of Wave 

Industry Served: Charity, Foundations

Offering: Social Impact and Community Engagement Solutions 

Founded: 2019

Status: Active 

With Wave, sports teams, athletes, and celebrities can have a greater social impact by connecting with families, communities, and their fans. Measurement, tracking, and enhanced community outreach are made possible with Wave tools for engagement and digitally collecting, storing, and accounting for funds, grants, and taxes. 

The platform combines these capabilities into one user interface to manage content and support fundraising, charitable giving, and sponsorship initiatives. This is so athletes, teams, donors, and partners can see the social impact of their work while maintaining community connections. 

Dan Scanlan co-founded Wave with his nephew, Casey O’Brien, a six-time cancer survivor. Priority Tech Ventures partnered with Wave in 2022 to advance its business strategy and concept through technology, resources, and capital investments. 

“A long history of trust and admiration for Thomas “Tom” Priore and his leadership team led us to work together. As a growing business facing challenges with capital and the resources needed to scale, we sought out the proven track record of success, the established resource infrastructure, and the tremendous experience and relationships of the Priority Tech Ventures team. 

Having access to the acumen of the team helped us navigate many common start-up challenges and provided us with operational support on everything from technology to marketing that you’d come to expect from a larger company. Payments and technology are the backbone of Wave. Priority’s expertise in these areas made it a great fit to build our relationship. By working with Priority, we have infused a new level of sophistication and the marriage of community and commerce into this social platform to help sports teams, athletes, and others reach their communities, youth organizations, and charities.”