Name: Jammil Handal, EVP of MX Build   

Industry: Construction 

Offering: Construction Payments and Expense Management 

Founded: 2020

Status: Acquisition 

Theo Build, was acquired by Priority in 2021, and is now MX Build. MX Build empowers builders, contractors, and construction pros in their businesses by helping them streamline construction processes like payments and expense management. With accessible technologies that improve accounting, lien waivers, payments, and back-office services, MX Build helps businesses manage expenses and process payments efficiently. Integrated into the MX suite of Priority offerings, this service provides real-time visibility into construction project spend, as well as payment tracking and expense reporting. 

“We started working with Priority Tech Ventures in 2021 through our already established relationship using Priority’s technology to enable our payment and banking as a service offerings. Payments are a capital-intensive endeavor where the required infrastructure including security compliance, legal licenses, and insurance can be prohibitively expensive to acquire on your own, especially for a startup. When we partnered with Priority, we gained access to their ecosystem. Having a shared vision with our investors allowed us more time and resources in the market. This allowed us to grow, build, and scale the business. 

With Priority, we now have the right capital and runway, the combined expertise in payments and construction, and the human and technology components needed to take MX Build to the next level and build things right for our clients and partners. We are disrupting and reimagining old construction processes and replacing them with better, more advanced processes and solutions.”