Name: Copley Broer, (currently) Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Sunriver Venture Partners, (formerly) President of Priority Real Estate Technology, LLC (owner of RentPayment)
Industry Served: Property Management
Offering: Property Management Operations, Online Payments & Resident Screening
Acquired: 2019
Exited: 2020
Status: Complete

In 2020, Global real estate software solutions leader, MRI Software, completed the acquisition of Priority’s RentPayment business, which included,, and Priority now provides payment infrastructure services and processing for MRI’s new platform. The RentPayment platform has been successful in the U.S. multi-family, single-family, storage, and HOA markets and benefits MRI Living clients in a variety of housing sectors. Priority is focusing its resources to drive the adoption of MRI’s payment offering in the U.S. and worldwide.

“We began working with Priority in 2017 on several partnerships and in 2019 on RentPayment. RentPayment had a complex payment structure, common in property management and rent payment collection. In addition to accepting credit cards, Priority enabled RentPayment to accept debit, ACH, and other payment methods, as well as execute complex disbursements to property management companies. By simplifying our payment infrastructure, Priority allowed us to focus on other parts of our business. We also leveraged Priority to onshore our customer support to their team in Alpharetta which enabled us to provide improved customer support at a lower cost.

Today as a part of MRI, RentPayment still has close ties to Priority through its payment processing and payments infrastructure. I see our relationship with PTV as a success as it allowed us to focus on the parts of our business that touch the customer and ultimately grow and sell a successful venture. Priority’s resources, operational infrastructure, payments capabilities, and technology knowledge allow entrepreneurs and investors in those early stages of business development to concentrate on their products and sales strategies. The Priority team is great to work with.”