Name: Manan Mehta, CEO & Founder

Industry: Restaurant, Retail, Salon 

Offering: POS (Point-of-Sale) Software and Hardware Systems

Founded: March 2020

Status: Completed 

Ovvi is a leading developer of innovative technology for the restaurant, retail, and salon industries. Ovvi specializes in complete all-in-one POS software and hardware systems to meet the needs of businesses in various categories, from fine dining to convenience stores and grocers. Ovvi’s POS system works with the Priority MXM Merchant suite of services and solutions. Priority Technology Holdings acquired Ovvi, LLC in November 2022.

We started working with Priority in 2021 as part of a nationwide strategic partnership where Priority was a large reseller of Ovvi POS systems. The technology, features, and payments infrastructure motivated us to work with Priority. I was impressed with the Priority and Priority Tech Ventures teams and their receptiveness to working with us and supporting our company.

We are pleased to join Priority through acquisition and look forward to the continued development of Ovvi POS systems. We’ve closed the gap for merchants and ISOs, including making different integrations and banking solutions available, which we couldn’t have done alone. The offerings we plan to roll out for the Ovvi POS with the MXM gateway and Passport will complete the circle of a unified commerce solution.”