Mike Vollkommer


I’m a dedicated resource our founders can call when they need help or advice on any business or finance matter.

After serving as Priority’s Chief Financial Officer from 2018 to 2022, I continue to serve as an Advisory Director. I have over 35 years of finance experience in diverse industries, am a Certified Public Accountant and have a Master’s Degree in Taxation.

Much of my corporate career has been in senior financial positions focused on creating shareholder value. The mid-cap public corporations where I have served as Chief Financial Officer were comprised of consolidated groups of decentralized businesses ranging in size of less than ten million dollars to several hundred million dollars in annual revenue. Each corporation embraced an entrepreneurial philosophy that permitted its businesses to be operated autonomously, with corporate governance oversight. In my role, I supported these businesses with financial advice and strategy, assisting them in maximizing profitability, cash flow, and value creation. Externally, I developed and maintained relationships with commercial and investment bankers, attorneys, auditors, tax advisors and investors to ensure these corporations and decentralized businesses had access to the capital and other resources needed to fulfill their goals and objectives.

It is this experience that I am thrilled to share in working with our founders.