Name: James Mrowka, Chief Operating Officer

Industry: Healthcare Payments, Individual Health Coverage Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) Payments, & PayFac 

Offering: Third-Party Administrator Solutions (TPA) & Payments-as-a Service (PaaS)  

Founded: 2023

Status: Active 

Priority Ambient TPA Solutions became a division of Priority in March 2023. Priority Ambient is a PaaS business providing TPAs, employee benefits consultants, insurance brokers, and employers with a platform for executing insurance and medical expense payments efficiently, cost-effectively, and at scale. It focuses on providing collection, management, and distribution of payments for health, dental, life, disability, and P&C insurance premiums for ICHRAs and the payment facilitator (PayFac) services markets.

Testimonial: “Working with the Priority Tech Ventures team has been critical to our successful business launch. Their deep experience, strategic insight, and business development reach were instrumental in supporting the creation of this unique product and taking it to market. When we established this division as a TPA, it was out of a need and growing demand from customers and the marketplace to support employers and businesses with ICHRA and healthcare payments solutions.”